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We love sailing!

Are you ready to join us for a fun, relaxing, fast sailing adventure?!

From an early age we’ve been captivated by the excitement, beauty, mystery and adventure of sailing. Leaving the cares and worries of the world behind, even if only for a short time, to feel a connection to the earliest Polynesian explorers from thousands of years ago up to the great navigators of the Age of Discovery who mapped out the world as we know it today, is something we never get tired of.

Like the Polynesians before us, we’ve chosen as the best possible ocean-sailing vessel a multi-hull sailboat. Thunderbird is a rare Condor 40. It is American designed and built specifically for single-handed ocean racing and is without a doubt one of the safest, most stable and fastest boats afloat today. With forty feet of length and a wide 28 foot width, there’s plenty of room for you and your family and guests to really stretch out and relax. You won’t experience any excessive “heeling” or leaning. Thunderbird sails flat and stable in virtually all conditions, with no “white knuckle” hanging on, even when sailing at close to twice the speed as ordinary sailboats.

Charter sailboat trips and cruises

Naples, Marco Island and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Our pleasure trips are more relaxing because you hear only the sounds of the water and the wind as you stretch out on the large, roomy trampolines.  Feel free to sit back and enjoy sailing across the waters of Naples and Marco Island. Or feel free to help raise the sails, and learn how to sail a charter sailboat -- your choice! Our charter sailboat looks like something out of Star Trek, and when the breeze in the Gulf of Mexico is up, sails like a Ferrari across the water!

Come sail with us!

At Thunderbird Sailing, we love sailing.

We know you will too.

Contact us at 239-776-5757 to book your tour today!

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